Community and Institutional Broadband Networks

The purpose of this program is to help deliver high-speed, full-service fixed broadband Internet connections to selected communities, with services and capacity widely available to public institutions as well as local businesses and households, on an affordable basis throughout each designated local service area.  To achieve these outcomes, the Community Broadband Program will support comprehensive implementation projects in a limited number of designated locations, which will consist of three integrated components:

  • Broadband Network Access and Service: Extending network links into areas unserved by sufficient high capacity signals, to allow for community-wide broadband access.[1]  Establishing publicly available retail broadband communication services within each community, both fixed and mobile, for purchase and use by local citizens, enterprises, and other customers. 
  • Institutional Connectivity: Providing broadband connections directly to identified local public institutions, including schools, health facilities, local government offices, and community centers. In addition to these public institutions, where demand exists, broadband connections may also be provided to other community resource centres that can help facilitate ICT access by all members of the community.
  • Community ICT Centres (CICs): Establishment of public access CICs within each designated community, connected to the broadband network, making Internet access, computers, ICT services, and training available to local citizens.


The projects implemented under this Program to date include the following:

 [1] As broadband is defined by the National Broadband Plan or other Government policy.