Connect the Farmers Project 2018

The main objective of the project is to establish broadband access network links into selected institutions, with services and capacity available to the surrounding communities. The internet access will enable the trial implementation of the Livestock (Pigs) Traceability using Blockchain Technology pilot project. Additionally, the project opens up opportunities to farmers in obtaining relevant information on markets, farming, banking, weather, climate and other relevant online services.

It is also an objective of the project to encourage local communities and individuals in harnessing the power of ICT to create employments and improve their quality of lives.

The project duration is for a period of two (2) years, from 2019 – 2021.

NICTA-UAS will deliver this project in partnership with:

  1. Department of Agriculture & Livestock (DAL)
  2. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  3. Jiwaka Provincial Government

Main stakeholders and their responsibilities are outlined as follows:

  1. NICTA through UAS 2018 Projects fund allocation will cater for the cost of providing internet connectivity to the three (3) proposed sites for the duration of two (2) years;
  2. DAL and its implementing agencies will be custodian of the project, providing regular updates on the farmers’ uptake of the internet services for the purposes of e-Agriculture; new and updated information on agriculture to be made available by DAL and its relevant agencies
  3. ITU and FAO will support this project by providing necessary and needed basis technical support such as training particularly the application of Blockchain Technology;
  4. DCI to host the application on the IGIS datacenter;
  5. JPG will be responsible for regularly monitoring and ensuring the continuation of the internet connectivity and links; providing reports on farmers’ internet usage uptake; JPG has principally as its contribution to the pilot project had agreed to allow access to facilities (e.g. tower, server, etc.) free of charge to implement the project;

Collaboration of relevant stakeholders and agriculture industry players is essential for the success of the e-Agriculture project.

Emstret Holdings Limited was awarded the contract by NICTA to provide internet connectivity to three (3) selected sites in Jiwaka Province including:

  1. Jiwaka Provincial Government Headquarters
  2. Kingku Training Institute
  3. Fatima TVET

The project is now in the installation phase.