ICT Platform for Future Growth

This program focuses on the demand side of ICT development objectives, to ensure that citizens and communities are able to gain the most benefits from the installation and availability of advanced broadband ICT networks and services.  Different groups of users will find value in different types of ICT applications, functions, devices, and services, but there will in all cases be a wide scope of potential uses for individuals, families, small businesses, and others to improve their livelihood through the use of advanced ICTs. 

The purpose of this program is therefore to help develop a platform for the future, long-term development of ICT utilization and opportunities across Papua New Guinea society. Projects in this area will support the development of creative, innovative, and high value ICT activities within communities across PNG, which will tap into the resources and knowledge of the local populations.  In turn, NICTA is confident that such Projects will encourage further investment in and development of innovative ICT networks and services throughout the country.

There are two main components to this program, which can be implemented through independent UAS Projects or in combination with other Fund Programs.  These are:

  1. ICT Applications and Content, and
  2. Digital Literacy projects.  Specific individual Projects will be designed by NICTA and the UAS Board, in consultation with appropriate public officials and other stakeholders.  Key features of each program component are summarized below.

The projects implemented under this Program to date include the following:

  • Livestock Traceability Project -  2018