UAS Levy

The Universal Access and Service (UAS) Levy is determined annually based on the cost of UAS Projects for the subject year approved by the Minister and declared industry revenue. The UAS levy payable by each licensed operator is calculated based on the most recent revenue declarations provided to NICTA by each operator.

Year Approved UAS Project Costs UAS Levy Percentage UAS Levy Determination
2016 K22.0 million 2%  
2017 K10.0 million 0.65%  2017 UAS Levy Determination (view)
2018 K11.0 million 0.72%  2018 UAS Levy Determination (view)
2019 No approved projects No UAS Levy  No UAS Levy
2020 K20.4 million 1.29%  2020 UAS Levy Determination (view)
2021 K10.0 million 0.6%