Slide 2 - Universal Access Programs


upgrade and expansion of mobile network

community and institutional broadband connectivity

ict platform for future growth

expansion of broadcasting network

Slide 2 - Universal Access Programs
Connect the Farmers Project 2018

A partnership between NICTA, DAL, FAO and Jiwaka Provincial Government to drive the innovative use of ICT to enhance agricultural practices

Connect the Farmers Project 2018
Demonstration Projects

The PNG Government through a financing agreement with the World Bank, implemented the PNG Rural Communications Project under which demonstration projects including the Voice Telephony and Mobile Internet Projects were rolled out by NICTA.

Demonstration Projects
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Public Consultation - Proposed UAS Projects for 2024

Issue Date: 16 August 2023
Closing Date: 6 September 2023
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Tender Notice - Mobile Broadband Services

Issue Date: 9 August 2023
Closing Date: 31 August 2023
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Tender Notice - Radio Broadcasting and Fixed Broadband Services

Issue Date: 29 June 2023
Closing Date: 27 July 2023
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Public Consultation - UAS Strategic Plan 2023-2027 and Proposed UAS Projects for 2023

Issue Date: 06 October 2022
Closing Date: 21 November 2022
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Tender Notice - 2021 UAS Projects

Issue Date: 23 August 2021
Closing Date: 22 September 2021
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The UAS Board (the Board) was established by Section 91 of the National Information and Communications Technology Act 2009.

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UAS Fund

The UAS Fund was established through the National ICT Act 2009 to promote the long-term economic and social development of Papua NEW Guinea by funding approved UAS Projects that will encourage the development of ICT infrastructure and improve the availability of ICT services within Papua New Guinea, including in rural communities.

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Project Cycle

Pursuant to Section 108 of the Act, the UAS Board is required to prepare a report summarizing the UAS Projects under consideration for the subject year, their respective indicative costs, their proposed ranking (and the reasons) and the proposed aggregate budget.

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